Mission Statement

Rail Adventures Travel offer holidays and travel arrangements to suit you and your pocket.  What better way to see the amazing sights of Europe and beyond…

Booking Conditions and Disclaimer

1.       All reservations are accepted subject to the companies booking conditions.  Bookings can be made via email or telephone by a person over 18 years of age.  The booking should be accompanied, where appropriate, by a deposit of 30% of the total cost of the booking.  A booking confirmation will be sent by Rail Adventures Travel acknowledging payment.

2.       A deposit paid to Rail Adventures Travel by the traveller shall not be repayable in circumstances where the travel arrangements are cancelled by the traveller.  The deposit is repaid to the traveller in circumstances where Rail Adventures Travel cancels the arrangements.

3.       Payment can be accepted by EFT and by Cheque payable to “Rail Adventures Travel”.

4.       All arrangements made for travel conveyance, refreshment or accommodation are subject to the conditions of the person or company providing the aforementioned services and subject to the laws of the country of which it is provided.

5.       The onus of stating which accommodation requirements e.g. Single/Double etc. rests with the traveller at time of booking.

6.       Cancellation of a booking is effective only when received in writing by Rail Adventures Travel.  Cancellation fees are applicable as follows:


-          More than 100 days                                Loss of Deposit

-          61-99 days                                   Loss of Deposit and 75% cost of booking

-          0-60 days                                     Loss of Deposit and 100% cost of booking


7.       It is strongly recommended that you purchase suitable and adequate insurance cover for your travels. We can provide the traveller with a quote through our partners.

8.       No tickets or travel documents will be released by Rail Adventures Travel unless and until the full balance of the cost, as confirmed on the invoice, shall have been paid.

9.       Amendments to schedules will be considered on a case by case basis, but any additional cost will be met by the traveller.  A small fee of £25 per booking will be charged for each amendment.

10.   Prices are determined against known exchange rates, fuel costs and tax regimes prevailing at 12th March 2015.  The exchange rates used for prices for travel and accommodation are as follows:

-          £1 = 1.42 Euros

-          £1 = 1.51 US$

-          £1 = 1.51 Swiss Francs

-          £1 = 12.24 Norwegian Kroner

In the event of significant changes to exchange rates Rail Adventures Travel reserve the right to amend prices. 

11.   A No Smoking policy will be pursued where we have the control or influence over the service we arrange unless advised otherwise by the traveller.

12.   Travellers are responsible for insuring that they have the correct travel documentation, and this include passports, visas, health certificates. 

Rail Adventures Travel shall obtain guidance from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Tourist Board where a security risk exists in respect of a chosen destination.

13.   Travel may be subject to occasional rescheduling or rerouting.  The nature of trains is that breakdowns, delays and substitution have to be accepted. Rail Adventures Travel are not responsible for missed connections or late trains and the onus of appearing at stations/leaving hotels and allowing time to board trains rests with the traveller.

14.   On some trains seat reservations are by individual seats and others by block booking.  Since the railways concerned make the allocations, we have to accept and be flexible about seating arrangements.  Where overnight travel is necessary we will arrange either to stay in a convenient hotel en-route, to use one of the newer “hotel-trains”, or to book Standard Class twin berth sleeper car trains (First Class is often single berth).  These decisions are made on the basis of the length of journey, the range of scenery likely to be missed by overnight travel, and the accommodation offers available at the time.

15.   It will be the traveller’s responsibility to handle their luggage at all times.

16.   Rail Adventures Travel aim to use 3 star designated hotels as this offers the standards of hospitality, catering and service that we wish for our travellers. We also seek out establishments that are conveniently located and which afford some unique character.  Where we cannot meet this criteria we ensure the best and most comfortable accommodation available. Alternative rated accommodation can be arranged subject to agreement with the traveller.

17.   On some routes various catering options are available and travellers are responsible for all refreshment throughout the trip.

18.   Traveller’s names and addresses have been obtained as a result of their response to advertisements, having been a previous customer or enquirer, or a referral from some other party.  We do not share these details with anyone outside Rail Adventures Travel.  Customer’s personal details such as payment information, travel arrangements, companions etc. will only be kept to be used within the requirements of the booking.  We are registered under the Data Protection Act.

19.   Rail Adventures Travel prepare and send an itinerary to travellers which lists:

-          Train Numbers

-          Timings

-          Connection Information

-          Hotel Information and Reservation Numbers

This is intentionally a small part of the information available and travellers are advised to research and obtain detailed reference material, maps, schedules appropriate to their own interests and needs.  Rail Adventures Travel is happy to obtain local transport information on request.

20.   Rail Adventures Travel shall not be held liable for the death, bodily injury or illness of the traveller or any other travel companion.  The company does not accept responsibility for services or facilities which are not part of its agreed itinerary e.g. Excursions booked whilst away or any service or facility which your hotel or other supplier agrees to provide you.